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If you’re having trouble walking, sitting, and moving your leg from the hip, you may need hip surgery to repair, resurface, or replace your hip joint. At Orthopaedics of Atlanta and Aesthetic Institute in Atlanta, Georgia, W. Joseph Absi, MD, recommends hip surgery to restore pain-free mobility. Dr. Absi is an expert orthopedic surgeon with more than 20 years of experience repairing, replacing, and resurfacing joints with traditional open surgery and minimally invasive arthroscopic surgery. Don’t suffer from hip pain any longer. Contact Orthopaedics of Atlanta and Aesthetic Institute about hip surgery by calling the office or using the convenient online form.

Hip Surgery Q&A

Why do I need hip surgery?

If you have hip pain from severe arthritis, a fracture, or another injury, Dr. Absi may recommend hip surgery to repair damaged tissues or resurface or replace your femoral head (top of the thigh bone) and acetabulum (hip socket), so you can move without pain again. 

Dr. Absi may recommend hip surgery when you:

  • Have trouble standing up or sitting down
  • Can’t walk without pain
  • Can’t bend over 
  • Are in pain even when you’re not moving
  • Can’t climb or descend stairs
  • Feel depressed or anxious because of hip pain
  • Are constantly fatigued

Hip surgery restores pain-free mobility and improves your quality of life.

What is hip resurfacing?

Hip resurfacing is a less invasive alternative to total hip replacement. Instead of removing the upper part of the femur (thigh bone) and replacing it, Dr. Absi trims the head of the femur and caps it with metal. He removes the damaged acetabular bone and replaces it with a metal shell. 

What are the advantages of hip resurfacing?

All hip replacements may eventually wear out and need to be replaced. However, replacement and revision surgery is easier after a hip resurfacing, because less bone was removed in the first place. The larger surface area of the resurfaced joint also makes your hips more stable, so walking feels more normal than with a total hip replacement.

What is a total hip replacement?

In total hip replacement surgery, Dr. Absi uses a small posterolateral incision to minimize trauma and accelerate recovery. He removes the damaged femoral head from your thigh bone and also the damaged acetabulum. 

He then replaces the femoral head with a metal ball and the acetabulum with a metal socket. He also inserts a plastic liner or spacer between the metal ball and socket to absorb shocks and create a slick gliding surface.

Recovering from total hip replacement may take up to six weeks. After any hip surgery, Dr. Absi also recommends physical therapy to help you learn to walk with your new hip.

What are the advantages of total hip replacement?

The plastic spacer that mimics cartilage in a total hip replacement prevents the two metal pieces from rubbing against one another when you walk. In hip resurfacing, the friction from rubbing can release molecules of metal, called ions, that can irritate your soft tissues and spread to your bloodstream. Total hip replacement with a plastic disc doesn’t cause ionization.

Get relief from hip pain and immobility with hip surgery. Contact Orthopaedics of Atlanta and Aesthetic Institute by phone or through the online form.


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